It is the way of making coffee by grinding coffee
seeds in intermediate thickness and cooking it in
filtered coffee machine.

During the contact of the water and coffee thanks to the fatty

acid and aroma in coffee we obtain the coffee taste.

For a good filtered coffee, quality of the filter and the coffee are essentials.

Filtered coffee which is generally consumed in North America, is prepared as water passes through the coffee within the filter and drop into the receptacle.The filtered coffee offered by Neocca Cafe is made by the most exclusive and high quality Arabica coffee seeds.

Thanks to its roasting process and seed characteristics it has an wonderful and unique aroma.Just like all the other coffee types that we have, our filtered coffee is also stomach friendly thanks to the way they are roasted. Our delicious filtered coffee that we have prepared for you with care is going to be one of your essentials to your breakfasts.

We serve this blend to you with the

most special way of roasting.